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26th July - 1st August 2014

International RS Tera Class Association World Championships 2014

Notice of Race

Download the NOTICE OF RACE as amended 5 March 2014

Organisng Authority:   RSA RS Tera Class Association (with assistance from Knysna Yacht Club)

Principal Race Officer:   Bruce Keytel

International Judges:   Franco Battistin (Croatia), Peter Copper (Netherlands), Krystyna Lastowska (Poland)

National Judges:   Peter Clayton, Malcolm Osborne

The entry fee includes the following:

•   country flag to be stuck on the sail
•   event shirt
•   event rash vest
•   all evening meals

The Entry Fee is discounted for early payment as follows:

•   R3500 if entry and full payment received before 1st July.
•   R4850 for all entries and full payment received after the 1st July 2014.

Non-refundable payments can be made by installment. Full payment must be made prior to the date of the discounted entry fee to qualify for the discount. Total due will be the total installment as calculated based on the date of the final payment received.

A sibling discount for families with two or more sailors entering the event is available. For a second and subsequent sailor, the discount is R500 for that entry and subsequent entry only. Sibling discounts where due will be calculated in the entry fee.

Bank details:

RS Tera Class Association
NedBank Savings Deposit Club Account
Branch Code 198765
Account Number 2002 350 620

The entry fee excludes charter boat fees where applicable.

Register for the RS Tera World Championships by completing the online form found at the following link - Registration Form

List of Competitiors - RS Tera Pro

  • South Africa    James Hellstrom    14
  • South Africa    Chad Stevenson    14
  • Great Britain    Josephine Ruffles    12
  • South Africa    Jethro Brophy-Tintinger    13
  • South Africa    Dylan Albert    13
  • South Africa    Megan Robertson    14
  • South Africa    Sanele Maggaza    17
  • South Africa    Aphendule Maneli    17
  • South Africa    Lukhanya Papa    17
  • South Africa    Asanathi Rulumente    18
  • South Africa    Luke Topass    16
  • South Africa    Sara Tamsin Young    15
  • South Africa    Saraha-Jane Deary    14
  • South Africa    Greg Hoyle    12
  • South Africa    Jon Theron    18
  • South Africa    Jason Lameck    15
  • Zimbabwe    William Annesley    15
  • South Africa    Jason Gray    18
  • Belgium    Javier Arabonis    15
  • Zimbabwe    Androniki Hiripis    17
  • Zimbabwe    Christopher Crawford    15
  • Netherlands    Daan Boer    15
  • Netherlands    Martijn Noordermeer    15
  • South Africa    Tammy Holden    15
  • Zimbabwe    Isabella Ross    14
  • South Africa    Kai Leslie    13
  • South Africa    Christopher Kennedy    14
  • South Africa    Rewon October    16

List of Competitiors - RS Tera Sport

  • South Africa    Robyn Hellstrom    11
  • South Africa    Sophia Hynch    15
  • South Africa    Ozwen Chetty    12
  • Great Britain    Toby Ruffles    14
  • South Africa    Pia Mariotti    13
  • Denmark    Niels Grønskov    14
  • Norway    Sven Paton    13
  • South Africa    James Butler    12
  • South Africa    Cameron Parle    12
  • South Africa    Taalia Naidoo    15
  • South Africa    Morgan Lottering    13
  • South Africa    Cullen Keytel    13
  • South Africa    James Vonk    10
  • South Africa    Sean Vonk    8
  • Great Britain    Thomas Nicholls    12
  • South Africa    Arin Long    12
  • South Africa    Dean Topass    13
  • South Africa    Benji Daniel    13
  • South Africa    Abigail Sweeney    11
  • South Africa    Marco-Lee Moolman    15
  • South Africa    Michael Thengani    15
  • Zimbabwe    James Annesley    13
  • South Africa    Michaela Robinson    14
  • South Africa    Matthew de Villiers    13

Traditional South African specialties will be served during dinner.

Monday:     Pinella   -   Bobotie, yellow rice, salsa, poppadoms   (R80.00 pp)
Tuesday:     Pinella   -   Fish, chips   (R50.00 pp)
Wednesday:     Pine Boma   -   Braai: lamb chop, boerewors, potato salad, roll   (R100.00 pp)
Thursday:     Pine Boma   -   Chicken potjie, rice   (R80.00 pp)
Friday:     Pinella   -   Lasagna, garden salad, bread roll   (R80.00 pp)

These meals are included in the competitors' entry fee.

All other guests wishing to order the same meals must book and pay in advance or purchase meal tickets at registration on arrival.

The Pine Lakes restaurant will be open and serving meals as well and the menu can be downloaded here

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